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“Shared Ownership Is The Key To Creating Personal Wealth”

Creating a Business Plan in the Creative Search Sponsored Entities Program is as simple as A B C. Anyone who is serious about starting a business should ask themselves three simple questions. What really interest me? Why am I motivated to start a business? Am I up to meeting the challenge? By answering these questions honestly you can bring your dream to reality. Creative Search will help you make it happen. Business plans do not need to be intimidating.

You must first set the stage and before you open the curtain you must have the proper mind set. Once you have done that everything will fall into place. The way to start a successful business lies with your understanding of the meaning of three words:

A - Attitude, B - Belief, C - Commitments

You simply visualize what you seek to create. Anyone can bring their dream to reality with a positive attitude, the belief that it can be accomplished, and a firm commitment to do what is necessary to make it happen.

Focus on what you want to do and what it takes to achieve it. Don't give up because of the inevitable hurdles and frustrations ahead, never settle for less, keep pushing yourself to arrive at your goal because the clear and defined knowledge of what you want to achieve will help you visualize in your minds eye the end result. A simple business plan will constantly remind yourself on a daily basis what it is you're seeking your company or entity to accomplish. The main activity in the Creative Search Sponsored Entity Program is to share your dream with others by simply telling them what you are seeking to accomplished.

The Creative Search Core Group Entity Development Program will be your guide all the way, You are not alone. You can draw from a vast source of information. With thirty core groups at your disposal you will have no problem creating a business plan that will provide you with the information needed to bring your service or product to market.

By writing your thoughts on the three statement indicated in the paragraph above will be a clear indication that you are serious about starting a business. Here is an example of the three statements used for Creative Search.

Creative Search Statement Example

The start of a business plan


Creative Search has been organized to create the means to provide Financial and Professional support for Ideas, Inventions, or Business Ventures resulting in creating Personal Financial Security and Business Start Up Capital through the Membership and Entity Development Program.


Creative Search, in contemplation of a better future for mankind, has created a process to effect a society in congruity through knowledge sharing with equal opportunity for individuals to develop ideas, inventions, and businesses in a secure environment, while sustaining an equitable distribution of wealth and maintaining personal financial security.


Creative Search has been organized to create the means for providing financial and professional support to individuals for the development of innovative ideas, inventions, and business ventures.

The "free enterprise system", one of the greatest gifts to mankind, is the method by which Creative Search is providing  many opportunities for all people.

Ideas, inventions and business ventures often do not come to fruition because of fear, lack of money, time, and know how. Creative Search is overcoming these and other problems with the help and participation of a group of dedicated individuals with experience, expertise, and know how in diverse fields of endeavor.

Information, pertaining to a wide range of subject areas, is being communicated to Creative Search subscribers, subscriber members, participating members, and associate entity members, through its publications, audio cassette tapes, video programs, computers, telecommunications and other means. Through the dissemination of this knowledge many members are being inspired to seek out and develop new ideas, inventions, and business ventures.

The networking process involving subscriber members, participating members, and associate entity members is the catalyst leading to new ideas, inventions, and business ventures. New products and services, jobs and opportunities, wealth and prosperity is being created for more people.

Creative Search seeks people of all ages, in any field of expertise, to be a participant in the promotion and expansion of the Creative Search Mission.

Start your Business Plan

Now that you've seen an example of a business plan, it's time to start your own. If you're interested in joining like-minded individuals who want to start a business, we recommend you start by creating your basic business plan.